What is Agnihotra?

June 10, 2021

What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra is a ritualistic practice from the ancient Ayurveda Shastra It is a procedure of cleansing the climate through a healing fire, which is performed at sunrise and sunset. The valuable impacts of Agnihotra help to diminish pressure, improve in happiness and energy. This basic and integral ritual of our life is performed by many individuals that help to change their lives and restore the planet.


Background and Origin of Agnihotra

Agnihotra came from Vedas. Sanskrit is a developed and complex language and the mother of all Indo-European dialects. The slokas in the Vedas are said to be passed down orally for a large number of years before it was recorded in Sanskrit in a later period, around 1500 B.C.

The science of our universe was portrayed in the Vedas, even down to a careful depiction of the Atom. Strategies for accomplishing better knowledge, living incongruity with the earth and systems for reforming the environment were given in Vedas.

It is from this ancient information that the Ayurvedic study of Agnihotra begins.


How Does The Agnihotra Ritual Benefit:

The fire is set up in a little copper pyramid. Brown rice, dried cow dung cakes and ghee are necessary to perform this ritual. Precisely at the hour of sunrise and sunset, the mantras are chanted and a little ghee and rice are given to the fire.

During this hour the eco powers, ethers and atomic energies exuding from the Sun enters to the earth and produce a flood of energies at the directions where the sun is, maybe East or West.

Enormous energies are accumulated around the copper pyramid at the hour of Agnihotra. A magnetic field is created to purify the air and earth.

One of the key features of Agnihotra is the articulation of Sanskrit mantras when the ritual is performed. Sanskrit is a language of vibration, which has never been the primary language of any culture. At the point when the Sunrise/Sunset mantras are sung, there is a reverberation made inside the pyramid, which holds the fire into the air.

Moreover, it has several other benefits; for instance, the ash of Agnihotra is an important medicine in ancient Ayurveda. Astrology and advanced medicine also use it to cure various fatal issues.


Benefits of Agnihotra

Presently like never before, humankind needs a ritual, which can truly purify the environment, develop a healthy environment and create a good harmony with our mother earth. Agnihotra is the ritual that accomplishes this.

The transformative and long-term impacts of Agnihotra have been recorded in various research studies. It is a purification process and everybody can do it despite race, creed, prejudices and religion. Studies have been made on the valuable impacts of Agnihotra on vegetation, human wellbeing, and barometrical filtration and in the domains of psychotherapy.


The following is a list of impacts from the Agnihotra ritual.

  • Decrease the stress and strain on the mind
  • Smoothen your skins and blood flow.
  • Produces a lot of positive particles, which sustain the atmosphere.
  • Neutralizes pathogenic bacteria
  • Smoke from Agnihotra has positive vibes to refresh the air.
  • At the point when taken in, it enters the circulatory system and improves the system.,
  • Brings the harmony of our body.
  • If plants are kept in Homa air where vibrations of Agnihotra pyramid fire are kept up, one can observe development.
  • Just as Agnihotra pyramid fire offers sustenance to plants, it gives the equivalent to human life and animals.
  • When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke accumulates particles of unsafe radiation from the climate and kills their radioactive impact.
  • An atmosphere vitality field is made around plants during Agnihotra.
  • Hence, plants become more lively and germ free.
  • When the fire is extinguished, the vitality is secured in the ashes. This ash is utilized in different medical and ayurvedic treatments.


An Agnihotra is a form of ancient science. It is a sacrifice of negativity on the pure fire. Besides that, the ashes or bhasma of Agnihotra have various positive impacts and healing powers. The timing of agnihotra should be maintained. Indeed, Agnihotra is a very popular ritual in India and you should try this at your home.

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