Sustainable Farming Practices

Our Farm Model is based on sustainable farm practices that prioritize the well-being of farmers and holistic living. We provide extensive support to farmers in the husbandry sector, ensuring that animal husbandry is carried out with care and attention to the ecosystem. Our approach to agriculture emphasizes efficiency and reuse, while also prioritizing breeding and nurturing of indigenous cow breeds.


Our Farm Model is built on the principles of sustainable farming practices, focusing on the well-being of our cows and the environment. We provide our cows with organic fodder and green fodder to ensure they receive a healthy diet. Traditional milking practices are followed to maintain the quality of milk produced. The cows are kept in a healthy environment, with rich mineral fertilizers used to enhance their staple diet.



Our Farm Model revolves around cows and their well-being. They are an essential part of our farm and we take great care of them. We provide them with A2 milk, which is known to be healthier than regular milk. Our farm model includes the use of Azolla, a water fern that is used as a natural fertilizer for the cow's diet. We make sure that regular health checkups are carried out on our cows to ensure that they are in good health.





Our farm model focuses on the production of A2 milk, which is a type of milk that contains A2 beta casein protein instead of A1. There are two major types of beta casein proteins found in milk, and indigenous cow breeds typically produce A2 milk. This type of milk has numerous health benefits due to its nutrient content and the absence of A1 beta casein protein, which some studies have linked to digestive issues.


Our farm model prioritizes the use of organic fodder and natural fertilizers to ensure the best A2 milk production from our cows. We regularly check for cholesterol levels and acidity, and avoid using harmful pesticides.


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