Our Farm Model

Our heart lies in our roots and in our home. Cultivating a farm is not a seamless job but the bond that we share with our mother nature is what keeps us grounded and disciplined. Our values and our principles come from our mother nature, our farms. 

An advanced scientific technology is followed to keep the farm healthy and nourished. The produce is authentic and raw, which is used to create all the products organically and naturally.

Our farm practices encourage holistic living and extensive support to the farmers and the animal husbandry sector of the country. It creates an ecosystem that supports agriculture and helps increase efficiency of use and reuse of resources.



As all our organic raw ingredients come from Desi, indigenous cow breeds, our farm practices entail in-depth research of the breeding and nurturing of cows. From rich mineral fertilizers to various irrigation processes, our farm practices cover everything that is required for a healthy environment for cows - Organic Fodder, Mukta Gotha, Regular Health Checkups, Traditional Milking Practices and Stress-Free Atmosphere for Cows.



We include green fodder for our cows as they serve as staple diet to them. Organic fodder from our farm is one such method that helps create faster and better yield for cows. Azolla is another way to help nourish the cow diet.



Regular health checkups are essential for us to detect any problems that the cows may face. It helps to keep a routine check on the cows and keep them fit and healthy.


A2 Milk is a very essential part of many people’s staple diet. As much as it’s important to consume milk for a healthy body, it’s important to realise which kind of milk is better. Milk is available in two forms in the market. There are two major types of milk available in the market, namely A1 and A2.

A2 milk is sourced from indigenous cow breeds while A1 is sourced from foreign crossbred cows. A2 milk contains a2 Beta Casein Proteins that are nutritious and healthy. The health benefits of this protein along with other nutrients are various. It helps in reducing acidity, keeping cholesterol in check and also helps in improving brain power. To get the best A2 milk, we feed our cows with organic fodder only. The fodder is grown using natural fertilizers and pesticides.

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