Of Natural living and Sustainability -Introducing Our Farm Model

November 14, 2018

Farms are and have always been natural homes to the human civilisation. We take immense pride in our farms and our farm practices. Every aspect of our farm and farm model is inter-connected to the other aspect so as to make the farm self-sufficient in itself. The basic premise is that everything we need on the farm is produced within the farm and no by-product of the process is wasted.

We are very particular about the cow feed that we provide to our cows as the health of our cows is very significant to us. We treat our cows as our own, hence a nutritious food supply has to be consistent. The Cow feed which consists of fodder, hydroponic and Azolla is all grown on the farm itself.

Organic farming is one of the strongest components of nutritious and healthy fodder that is served to the cows. And for the same reason, we conduct organic farming on our farms to keep the quality at its peak. The fodder for the cows is organically cultivated, the minute details are very well taken care of.

The main outputs from the cows are milk, gomutra and cow dung. The milk is primarily used to feed the newborn calves as breeding health cows are our primary objective. The excess milk is used in making ghee, butter and other milk products. The cow dung and gomutra are used as organic fertilizers for growing the cow feed. Cow dung is also used to produce gobar gas which in turn is used for domestic purposes and also for manufacturing some of our Panchgavya based products.

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