Cows as a source of health and well-being

November 10, 2018 1 Comment

Desi Cows are known for their immense benefits to our health, environment, agriculture and lifestyle. Desi Cow breeds provide us with pure milk and milk products that help increase our longevity. Saving desi cow breeds would enable such healthy products to penetrate deeper levels of Indian society and help India become a more physically and mentally healthy nation.

Even though most educated Indians disregard Ayurveda in comparison to today’s modern medicine, we must not forget that this very Ayurvedic system has helped the Indian civilization survive and prosper for thousands of years. For centuries Ayurveda has advocated benefits of Panchagavya in human health and well being, Modern science has accepted the medicinal properties of Gomutra and Panchgavya. Such products should be available to all Indians for their holistic health and well being.

Modern society, even though aware of the traditional cures and medicinal properties of the vital derivatives, remains bereft of curative and therapeutic benefits of these Divine Gavyas.

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October 07, 2022

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